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Our 24/7 service ensures same-day solutions for your plumbing emergencies.


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Facing plumbing issues like leaks or burst pipes? Our 24/7 service ensures same-day solutions for your plumbing emergencies.

Burst pipes can occur unexpectedly, causing potential water damage and electrical short circuits. This can happen with both old and new pipes, or due to frozen water expanding inside pipes during winter.

Don't worry, M I Plumbing's emergency services are available 24/7, including public holidays, across Melbourne. Our reliable, skilled plumbers will promptly address the issue, locating the leak and repairing your burst pipes efficiently. Call us today! Burst Water Pipes Causes:

1. Water Pressure:

Clogged pipes increase pressure on the plumbing system, causing pipes to expand and burst. This is often due to foreign materials like fats, oils, hair, and other products clogging drains.

2. Tree Roots:

Rapid root growth in damp environments like water pipes can cause pressure increase and pipe bursts. These roots infiltrate and obstruct pipe flow.

3. Damaged Piping:

Corroded or damaged pipes can lead to water leaks or bursts, causing substantial damage.

4. Cold Weather:

Although rare in Australia, cold weather can cause water in pipes to freeze, expand, and burst.

Symptoms of Burst Pipes

  • Water leaks: Leaking water may be visible around the affected pipe or in other areas of the house, such as ceilings or walls. Water stains or puddles are clear indicators of a burst pipe. Learn about leak detection services.
  • Reduced water pressure: If you notice a significant drop in water pressure throughout your home, it could be a sign of a burst pipe. The escaping water from the burst pipe disrupts the normal water flow, resulting in reduced water pressure in faucets, showers, and other fixtures.
  • Water discolouration: Another symptom of a burst pipe is water discolouration. If the water coming out of your faucets appears rusty, brown, or discoloured, it may indicate a burst pipe. The discolouration is often caused by rust or sediment that enters the water supply through the damaged pipe.
  • Blocked drains are a symptom in some homes.


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    What are the signs of a burst pipe?

    Common signs of a burst pipe include water leaks, reduced water pressure, and discoloured water. If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to address the issue promptly.

    What should I do if I have a burst pipe?

    If you have a burst pipe, the first step is to shut off the water supply to prevent further damage. Thaw frozen pipes if necessary and contact a professional plumber to repair or replace the damaged section.

    Can I fix a burst pipe myself?

    Minor leaks or cracks can sometimes be temporarily fixed using pipe repair tape or epoxy. However, for significant damage, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a professional plumber to ensure proper repairs.

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    Recent Project

    This burst pipe under a slab turned into a tap re-location for a new irrigation set up. ✅

    — in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.


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      Anthony and Elise
      Anthony and Elise
      Michael replaced our hot water system and did a great job. He didnt try and sell us the most expensive option - gave honest advice. Very reliable, punctual, professional and friendly. Michael knows his stuff and would highly recommmend. Thank you!
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      Peter Ryan
      work done on time and for reasonable cost - thanks
      Michael from MI Plumbing i highly recommend as he was quick and professional from the get go. Knew his stuff. Thank you.
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      Steven Reichelt
      Absolute legend. Really appreciate the efforts Mike went to on a Sunday sorting out a complex problem in a difficult environment. Well equipped and knows his stuff.
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      Michael is fantastic and we are very happy to recommend him
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      juliet staindl
      excellent as always.
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      rosemarie stirling
      Michael arrived on time and was really professional throughout the whole process. He also put in a lot of effort and care to get the job done right.
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      Babak Rad
      I know Michael for 4 years. He is the man to call when you need any plumbing help. I never was feeling left alone even on weekends when something would go wrong and I was stuck. Reliable, extremely polite and helpful. Difficult to find someone like him. 5 star mate. You are Gem.
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      B P
      Easy to organise, arrived on time, polite, explained everything, fixed the problem. Good work.
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      Loris Molent
      Mike was very prompt and provided good advice to remedy problem with hot water unit. Thanks Mike!